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Ernesto Samayoa

Director of Latin American Operations

ESamayoaDuring the last five years, Mr. Samayoa has led the operations of WEC in Latin America. Several initiatives have been carried out with successful results, through projects funded by the U.S. government, where WEC has implemented its initiative Greening the Supply Chain among the private sector in Latin America. Before joining WEC, Mr. Samayoa was advisor to the Minister of Economy of El Salvador and country consultant for the World Bank on Corporate Social Responsibility. He also had managing roles in the apparel industry for several years and leads a family business in the coffee sector of El Salvador.

Some of the multinationals and industry sectors that have received WEC’s assistance under Mr. Samayoa´s guidance include Walmart, Coca Cola, Marriott International Hotels, the food, dairy and hotel sectors in Guatemala and El Salvador, and recently-added projects in Chile and Morocco.



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