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"Creating the Future We Want": Terry Yosie co-authors article to be presented at Rio+20

The Sustainability: Science, Practice, & Policy (SSPP) journal article, "Creating the future we want," a collaborative effort between the EPA, WEC CEO Terry Yosie, UNIDO, Dow Chemical, Duke University and the Heinz Center, presents a broad strategy for addressing pressing global sustainability challenges.

The five strategic steps they outline are:

1. The starting point is that developed and developing countries must better understand the pressures on the global environment and their consequences.
2. This understanding must in turn lead to a vision and strategy to achieve global sustainable development employing specific measures and commitments. Several emerging frameworks—a sustainable or green economy, shared value, and stewardship—present opportunities for accelerated progress in sustainability and must be better understood, integrated, and disseminated globally.
3. It is also essential to promote framework conditions that support good governance at national and local levels.
4. Building on a sustainability framework, advances in science and technology and new business models can enhance resource efficiency across the value chain.
5. Finally, effective collaboration among business, government, NGOs, academia, and civil society can lead to positive actions and outcomes on a global scale.

Click here to read the full article in the SSPP journal.

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