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WEC creates value for our members in a variety of ways, learn more about our membership criteria.

Creating Member Value

We deliver a member-driven thought leadership agenda that is grounded the mega trends that will define how sustainable business runs in the future. Learn more here. We offer members the opportunity to support international capacity building projects that support small and medium enterprises in their upstream supply chain. Learn more here.
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 We incentivize improvement by recognizing excellence in sustainable development with our Gold Medal award. Learn more here. We provide opportunities for early in career professional to learn as part of our preparing future leaders programs. Learn more here.
Our Membership Criteria

New members are approved by the WEC Board of Directors based in their attainment of the following membership criteria:

  • alignment with WEC’s purpose
  • visible commitment to sustainable development
  • ability to inspire global/regional companies on sustainable development practices
  • openness and active participation
  • demonstration of Corporate Responsibility

WEC’s Board will consider corporate reputation, policies and practices when selecting members.   Membership in WEC is not an endorsement of a corporation or their practices.

 Learn more about WEC

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To Join WEC

Please contact Lori Michelin, WEC President & CEO at to submit a membership application or if you have questions. 

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