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General Motors and World Environment Center Report Significant Results in China “Green Supply Chain Project”

Shanghai, China—July 31, 2007—The General Motors Corporation (GM), Shanghai General Motors (SGM) and the World Environment Center (WEC) have reported significant energy efficiency, environmental and water conservation improvements in a demonstration project involving eight suppliers to the company’s joint manufacturing venture in China.  GM and its suppliers worked through a WEC project over the past two years to improve their competitiveness and sustainability performance, while generating cost savings.

The partnership with GM, a WEC member company, began in October 2005 with the goal of achieving greater energy efficiencies and improved environmental practices in the automotive manufacturing process.  Results reported to date by supplier companies document reductions in greenhouse gases, water use and net cost savings from improved environmental management processes and performance.  A special event today acknowledges the partnership participants and stakeholders and their successful completion of the “Greening the Supply Chain Project” highlighted in an awards ceremony.  This event will also include GM, Chinese government and WEC officials participating in in-depth panel discussions and presentations on “The Multinational’s Role in China’s Environmental Protection.”

“GM’s participation in this project allows us to expand our corporate environmental initiatives through WEC’s direct, on-the-ground approach to capacity building.  This is enabling us to further integrate sustainable development directly into our business process and across our supply chain,” stated Kevin Wale, President and Managing Director of the GM China Group.  

The Greening the Supply Chain project is a major WEC focus area.  The GM China project follows previous WEC projects with other member companies in Brazil, Mexico and Romania.  “The results of the GM-WEC partnership clearly demonstrate the ability to achieve specific, measurable results that improve competitiveness across the supply chain through the application of sustainable development practices,” noted Terry F. Yosie, WEC’s President & CEO.


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