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PRESS RELEASE: WEC launches Morocco Green Industries Partnerships

Casablanca, Morocco, May 22, 2013  - The World Environment Center (WEC) has today launched an innovative project to expand the sustainable development commitments of Moroccan businesses by reducing energy and water consumption, minimizing waste and raw material usage and lowering operating costs. WEC is partnering with the Moroccan firm RIO (Reduce, Invent, Optimize) to implement the local activities and provide advanced technical expertise for the project.  The partnership is funded by the United States Department of State through its “Cleaner Production and Environmental Technologies Private Sector Partnerships” program.  This is the fourth partnership of its kind, second in Morocco, spanning six countries, between the U.S. Department of State and WEC. 

The overall objectives of the partnership are to enhance sustainable development practices, reduce environmental and societal impact of business operations upon local communities and the global biosphere, improve their environmental, health and safety performance, and grow the businesses through more efficient practices and technologies.  WEC has been implementing Cleaner Production Private Sector Partnerships in Morocco since 2010 and, through this current initiative, is continuing to collaborate with local industry associations, primarily the Moroccan food processing association, FENAGRI (Fédération Nationale de l'Agroalimentaire), the textile industry association, AMITH (L’Association Marocaine des Industriels du Textile et de l’Habillement) and the collective zone, CoZInE (Collectif des Zones Industrielles pour l’Environnement).

Please see the full press release for further information.

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