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WEC and CESPEDES (Mexico) sign MOU

WEC and CESPEDES concluded a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to advance sustainable business strategies and practices in Mexico. CESPEDES represents a variety of extraction, manufacturing and consumer businesses that have a common interest in managing scarce natural resources and promoting economic development. The MOU commits both organizations to organize two roundtables per year in Mexico; assess how sustainability can contribute to innovation, collaboration, and leadership development; and conduct joint efforts to reduce greenhouse gases, improve energy efficiency, establish sustainability goals and analyze global megatrends to benefit business planning and supply chain management. The MOU was signed by the CESPEDES’s Executive Director José Ramón Ardavín Ituarte and WEC CEO Terry Yosie. Great appreciation is expressed to WEC’s Chair Francisco Suárez for his leadership in bringing the two organizations together and recognizing their common interests.



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