2022 WEC Gold Medal Symposium “Leadership for a Sustainable Future: Building a Next Generation Business Today” Summary

WEC Gold Medal Symposium honoring AB InBev

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On the occasion of awarding the 2022 Gold Medal for International Corporate Achievement in Sustainable Development to AB InBev, the World Environment Center (WEC) convened a Symposium for business executives to discuss with thought leaders and practitioners how to navigate the business risks (and opportunities) from a more unpredictable global economy than any time in recent memory. The war in Europe, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the catastrophic climate crisis are changing the world like nothing else in the past 80 years. Business leaders must assure business continuity in the near term while taking action to build a resilient, next-generation business. Held under the Chatham House Rule, this Symposium was a dialogue designed to share goals, strategies, and practical solutions, and to lead the global transformation towards resilience and sustainability.

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Note:  WEC Executive Roundtables are conducted under the Chatham House Rule.