A Farewell to Gold Medal Jury Members

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All of us at WEC, the Gold Medal Jury, and friends share our heartfelt gratitude to the outgoing WEC Gold Medal Jury Members, Dick Bartelse, Leslie Carothers, and Alice Korngold who have completed their terms. We are grateful to them for their many years of dedication and service as Gold Medal Jury Members.

The Gold Medal Award, and its jury members, are pivotal to the World Environment Center’s mission. Their critical thinking, domain expertise, and exceptional judgment have not only enhanced the award’s prestige but have also upheld its status as a distinguished recognition of business sustainability excellence.

Each year since 1979, the WEC Gold Medal Award brings with it an unpredictable mix and number of applications from diverse industries. Our Jury Members, including Dick, Leslie, and Alice, have been instrumental in ensuring an objective and fair selection process, infusing each application review with their insightful and discerning perspectives. Their commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility has played a crucial role in shaping the award’s legacy.

As we bid farewell to these dedicated individuals, we invite you to learn more about the WEC’s Gold Medal Award here and read about our current Jury Members here.