Advancing Corporate Sustainability: Guidance on How to Get to the Next Level

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Photo by Anamul Rezwan from Pexels

At an invitation only virtual event, Glenn Prickett, WEC President & CEO moderated a session with executives from DowVolkswagenEcolab, and Orbia spoke on key aspects of sustainability, including setting goals and targets, addressing the circular economy, decarbonizing the business, managing water resources, and setting up a sustainability program.

A new program is currently being launched by the World Environment Center (WEC) to help these companies learn from those that have successfully integrated Sustainability into their business. The event provided insight into how leading companies addressed growing expectations from customers, regulators and investors, reduced their exposure to environmental and social risk and at the same time use business opportunities that arise from sustainability. This event was to provide less exposed brands, often those in B-2-B customer relationships or in less regulated markets, that haven’t felt the same need to take sustainability very serious, insight into how leading companies have set up sustainability programs and secured top management’s commitment.

A summary of the event can be found here.