The WEC Gold Medal Award is presented annually to a global company that has demonstrated successful integration of sustainability as a core part of its business practice, with commitment at all levels of the corporation; that has demonstrated its commitment to innovation to provide ground-breaking solutions in its industry to critical environmental and social challenges; and that has invested in global leadership to transform market conditions so as to accelerate progress toward a sustainable future.

The successful applicant will demonstrate its performance on all three of these elements, bolstered by evidence that its path has resulted in extraordinary results and impact. Global corporations that can document well-implemented, outstanding and sustained success are eligible to compete for the award.

Successful applicants will tell the story of the strategy it has chosen, explain its implementation, provide evidence of results, and convey the company’s passion and commitment through concrete examples that give a sense of the level of difficulty of the endeavor, intensity of investment, and the concrete demonstrated results achieved.

What are the Benefits and Expectations?

Recognition & Longevity: Position your company as a leader in corporate sustainability with the longest-running sustainability leadership award for the private sector, now approaching 40 years. The longevity of the WEC Gold Medal underscores its prestige and significance. The awardee also receives one year of complimentary WEC membership.

Networking & Unique Collaboration: Engage with fellow nominees and winners, building relationships that offer unparalleled collaboration opportunities. The awardee is invited to participate in thought leadership programs on a topic of their choice on the day of the awards ceremony and a second event during 2024.

Media Exposure & Global Influence: Benefit from our strategic media partnerships and elevate your company’s visibility in the business sustainability market. Additionally, as one of the only business member NGOs with UN Climate Observer Organization status, WEC offers a unique platform for global influence.

Celebration: The awardee’s President & CEO accepts the award at the ceremony held in Washington DC, attended by top Sustainability Leaders in May 2024.

Who is Eligible?

  • Multinational manufacturing, processing and/or services companies with operations outside the headquarters’ country.
  • Parent companies or subsidiaries.
  • Candidates that show improvement in sustainable development over consecutive years.
  • Past applicants may re-apply with the same application within three years of original submission.

The winner of the 40th Annual Gold Medal for International Corporate Achievement in Sustainable Development will be honored at a celebration in May 2024.

What are the Criteria for the award?

Criteria for the award can be found in the guide, here.

What is the application process for the Gold Medal Award?

Any person can nominate a company that meets the criteria listed. Self-nominations are accepted. It’s a two-step application process where: 1) applicants first complete the online nomination form, then if selected to proceed, 2) submit a full application. Criteria for the full application and guidelines can be found here.

What is the time frame for submitting an application for the 2024 Award?

Nomination deadline: Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Full application deadline: Thursday, November 30, 2023

How long should an application be?

There is no official page limit, but applicants should aim for an ideal maximum of 12-13 pages. Applicants are welcome to be creative with their application and can submit their application as a PDF and annexes as a PDF or other common media format. More details can be found here.

Who are the members of the Jury?

WEC Gold Medal Jury 2024 list can be found here.