Nature-Based Solutions Roundtable at UN Asia Pacific Climate Week 

Nature Based Solutions Roundtable at UN Asia Pacific Climate Week
Nature Based Solutions Roundtable at UN Asia Pacific Climate Week

WEC to host executive discussion at Asia-Pacific Climate Week in Johor, Malaysia

Amid global efforts to combat climate change and protect our planet’s biodiversity, the importance of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) has never been more paramount. Investments in NBS, encompassing conservation and restoration across a range of ecosystems, are key to our collective ambitions for a sustainable future. 

WEC Members and UNCC Conference participants can join us for this exclusive roundtable, as part of the UN Asia Pacific Climate Week, delving into the intricacies of reducing investment barriers for quality and scale in NBS. This discussion, planned in partnership with Shell, is timely and pivotal, especially as divergent views on carbon offsets are threatening the much-needed funds to safeguard our vital ecosystems.  

Key Topics of this Executive Roundtable: 

  • Carbon Markets & NBS: How should NBS investments be designed to ensure high-quality benefits for climate, communities, and biodiversity? 
  • Stakeholder Collaboration: How can the private sector build trust in the integrity of NBS investments among key stakeholders? 
  • Regional Focus on Quality and Scale: How can policymakers ensure that carbon markets drive quality and scale in NBS investments? 

WEC, with support from multinationals, project developers, the financial sector, NGOs, and academia, will convene a discussion among key stakeholders to address these conflicts over corporate investment in NBS. Countries in Asia Pacific are in the process of establishing rules for carbon markets, so the roundtable will focus on NBS in the region.

This free event is open to WEC members and UNCC Conference participants.
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