October 2022 – Message from the President and CEO

Human Development

We are thrilled to share our latest update on the work of the World Environment Center.

Our mission, to advance sustainable development through corporate business practices, has never been more urgent. Last month, the UN reported that the Human Development Index, which measures the health, education, and living standards of nations, fell globally for the second year in a row—the first time in 32 years of measurement. The combined effects of pandemic, war in Ukraine, and climate change caused 90 percent of countries to lose ground in one or both of the last two years.

That’s the sobering part of this message. The exciting part is how businesses around the world are rising to the challenges of climate action and sustainable development.

You’ll see in these pages how WEC is helping our member companies strengthen their value chains with sustainability innovation and entrepreneurship through Executive Roundtables.

New members Suzano and Wells Fargo enhance our diversity of experience and perspective. New partnerships with the U.S. Department of State and the Walmart Foundation allow us to support more small businesses in Latin America, especially women entrepreneurs.

New leaders on our Gold Medal Jury will make WEC’s 2023 Gold Medal Award even more prestigious and inspiring, as we continue to celebrate the impact of 2022 Gold Medalist AB InBev.

We are proud to support you in your important work to accelerate sustainable business. Please let us know how we can do even better!

Glenn Prickett is the President and CEO of the World Environment Center. He has spent three decades leading international environmental, natural resource and climate change policy in some of the world’s preeminent NGO’s.