Our Impact

WEC prides itself in connecting and sharing best practices across geographies and industry sectors. It is these very connections that accelerate learning, practice sharing, and sustainable development for our member companies.

WEC brings together governments – including legislators, regulators, administrators, officials of international agencies, and organizations – the private sector, nongovernmental organizations, universities, and other stakeholders in conferences, seminars, meetings, workshops, field programs, or other on-the-ground projects and forums. Thought leaders contribute to the implementation of best practices by speaking at these events.

Our Work, Our Impact

Catalyzing thought leadership and implementation strategy for sustainability.

Implementing scalable public and private capacity building programs around the world.

Recognizing Industry Excellence.

Thought Leadership

  • Since 1997, the WEC has convened over 200 Thought Leadership events worldwide to share strategic insights, learnings and best practices in sustainability
  • Our Thought Leadership program helps decision-makers in international companies to understand global trends, systemic challenges and practical solutions.
  • Participants attending our Executive Roundtables are challenged by some of the most respected scientists, disruptive thinkers and business innovators, while discussing company solutions that work.
  • Roundtable participants state that our unique concept of comparatively small, interactive high-level events with a clear focus on business action help them to make informed decisions as they strive to set ambitious targets for their companies.
  • Learn more about our Thought Leadership programs here.

Honoring Industry Excellence

  • Our Gold Medal program recognizes sustainability teams and bold leadership of global companies that make outstanding decision-making and successful implementation of sustainable development.
  • The Gold Medal Award has been presented since 1985 to the CEO of a global company and has helped to communicate the business value of the respective company’s sustainability program to employees, governments and other stakeholders.
  • Learn More about our Gold Medal Program here.

Capacity Building

Our Capacity Building program provides small- and medium sized companies (SMEs) with environmental and sustainability solutions on the ground. WEC collaborates with local partners, developing and implementing technical solutions. Our work while promoted sustainability, through our work, it also increased competitiveness and built capacity in countries that lack such expertise.

Over the course of 15 projects since 2006 WEC’s projects:

  • Prevented the yearly release of 119K tons of CO2 and saved nearly 3/4 trillion gallons/year of water.
  • Saved 158,755,021 kWh/year
  • Saved 685,749,822 gallons/year of fuel
  • Diverted 44,157,432 gallons/year of wastewater, and 36,470 tons/year from going in landfills

Learn more about our Capacity Building programs here.