Thought Leadership

Strategic insights, learnings and best practices.

Since 1997, the WEC has convened over 200 thought leadership events in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia. Our events provide executive leaders with a platform to share strategic insights, learnings and best practices. WEC’s Thought Leadership agenda is member driven, providing companies with the opportunities to learn about current topics that are of greatest importance. Our events offer leading perspectives and include stakeholders from industry, NGOs, academia and the government.

Current Focus Areas

  • Decarbonizing Value Chains
  • Delivering Clean Energy
  • Advancing Climate Justice
  • Promoting Nature-Positive Business
  • Scaling Regenerative Agriculture
  • Improving ESG Disclosure


Recent Thought Leadership Initiatives

Nature-Positive Business Solutions: Perspectives in the Food and Beverage Sector in North America 

Recent Thought Leadership Events

WEC Gold Medal Symposium: “Fostering Entrepreneurship in Value Chains”


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WECosystem Action Forum: The U.S. Inflation Reduction Act: Implications for Sustainable Business


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