WEC & DFGE Webinar Shares Insights on How Companies Communicate Decarbonzation Plans

2020 04 DFGE WEC Webinar

We were overwhelmed by the huge interest in the topic of our webinar and cordially thank you all for joining the webinar titled: “Company Practice on Communicating Carbon Neutrality Goals and Achievements: How to Avoid Misunderstandings”

We hope you enjoyed Liz Willmot (Microsoft), Ralf Pfitzner (Volkswagen), Cynthia Cummis (WRI/SBTi) and Wolfgang Berger (DFGE – Institute for Energy, Ecology and Economy) exploring how leading companies are communicating their response to the Paris climate agreement. Glenn Prickett of the World Environment Center moderated the session.

Details of the event can be found here. If you would like the presentation slides & recordings of the webinar please email skonduri@wec.org