WEC Executive Roundtable “Greening the Grid in Europe: Accelerating Access to Green Electricity for the Industrial Centers” Summary


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During discussions at COP26 and in the aftermath, the business community made clear that companies want to become carbon neutral at least by 2050 or earlier. Many companies have set ambitious carbon abatement goals by 2030 that rely on access to energy and power from renewable sources. However, with the vast quantities of renewables being produced in large windfarms far away from the industrial centers, these companies rely on an adequate transmission infrastructure to bring the renewable power to their sites.

This Executive Roundtable has been developed to assist decision-makers in understanding at what time and to what extent zero-carbon electricity may be fully accessible for their company’s use – and how reliable it will be. The energy system of the future depends on a strong transmission backbone, distributed generation, smart demand management and storage opportunities across the continent. At the same time, processes to build the green grid are often held up by political disagreements, civil society campaigns, and unreliable value chains. Practical solutions must be found.

The Roundtable brought together 29 senior sustainability and grid-infrastructure experts from 7 countries – with 83% from large companies of various industries and 17% from academia/NGO/associations.

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Note:  WEC Executive Roundtables are conducted under the Chatham House Rule.