WEC & Partners host first Panel session of its Virtual Training & Study Tour

EG Jordan Session 1 pictures 2a

Under WEC’s State Dept funded Environgmental Governance project, in partnership with Jordan Engineers Association, Royal Scientific Society of Jordan, WEC kicks off its Virtual Training & Study Tour Panel 1 on November 9th, with Frank Werner, Director of WEC Europe & Associate Professor Weslynne Ashton making a business case of circular economy and environmental management systems to increase performance by Jordanian companies.

Increasing the adoption of improved environmental practices, technologies, and services, particularly in addressing air pollution, and water and waste management challenges is the objective of WEC’s environmental governance program in both the private and public sectors through a combination of building local experts and business capacity and developing industry self-assessments for data creation and awareness raising for solutions to address environmental challenges.  These efforts will incentivize continued improvement and acquisition of advanced environmental technologies and services

Environmental self-audits allow a company to identify present and potential compliance problems and tackle them before they mushroom and lead to liability or penalties. Increased awareness about environmental management performance can help the company devise strategies to improve manufacturing processes and achieve cost-savings. 

With a clear business case to increase environmental performance of Jordan companies, this Training & Virtual Study Tour is designed to strengthen capacity building in companies that join the project, by training their staff – split into 4 virtual sessions and in a practical part by making an environmental self-audit in their companies with the support of WEC/RSS – providing access to international experts and interacting with relevant stakeholders of the Industrial Sector that provide technological solutions.

Agenda for the event can be found here (PDF opens in a new window). To find more information about WEC’s Capacity Building Programs you can visit here.