WEC Webinar “Understanding ESG Book: A New Open-Source Platform that Promises to Make Sustainability Data Available and Comparable for all Stakeholders”

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Growing demand for ESG evaluations as part of well-informed financial decision-making, accelerated by increased government regulations in the EU and the US, has made evident that the current ESG reporting system has to improve. Companies are currently under the burden of an ever-increasing number of surveys, many asking for similar information, while fund managers are often unhappy with the quality of the data available. Thus, a high quality open-source platform that allows users to upload data and enable investors to sort data according to their preferred frameworks & needs has been awaited by the business community.

During the webinar Daniel Klier, ESG Book CEO and Daniel Hochman, Head of Sustainability Research at Bridgewater Associates discussed the opportunities of this new platform.

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Watch Daniel Klier’s interview with WEC President & CEO Glenn Prickett as he discusses ESG Book, HERE.

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