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WEC membership value

The WEC serves as a platform for senior executives from various organizations to exchange practical solutions promoting corporate sustainability. Our core belief is that recognizing sustainable development excellence through the Gold Medal Award inspires continuous improvement of corporate practices.

Aside from being a platform for discourse and dialogue, the WEC also offers members the opportunity to collaborate on international capacity-building projects that support small and medium enterprises in their upstream supply chain. We also run a Next Tier mentoring program that helps advance sustainability throughout the value chain and serves as a practical learning opportunity for sustainability managers.

WEC membership

WEC Global Membership

WEC Global members are organizations that are large enough to already have the resources to implement large-scale sustainable corporate practices.

WEC Global Membership benefits

  • A seat to all invitation-only WEC Executive Roundtables and webinars
  • The opportunity to present your organization’s achievements, once they are regarded as best practices
  • Opportunities to host a WEC
  • Executive Roundtable event
  • Access to WEC Connect and WEC’s Toolbox for Sustainability
  • The chance to serve as a mentor in WEC’s mentorship program for Next Tier members
  • A seat on the WEC’s Board of Directors

Criteria for WEC Global Membership

New Global Members will be evaluated by the WEC Board of Directors based on their attainment of the below membership criteria:
  • Alignment with WEC’s purpose and mission
  • Visible commitment to sustainable development
  • Ability to inspire global/regional companies through sustainable development practices
  • Openness and active participation
  • Demonstration of corporate responsibility

The WEC Board will also consider corporate reputation, policies, and practices when admitting members. WEC membership is not an endorsement of a corporation or its practices.


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