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Science Based Targets: Webinar

On Wed. July 27, Frank Werner of WEC moderated a webinar exploring current trends on how companies are working with Science Based Targets, an innovative approach to corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) target setting. Frank and the expert panel from WRI, BASF, Coca-Cola and DFGE explored to what extent Science Based Targets are becoming important, how companies find value in committing to Science Based Targets, how companies are already responding to Science Based Targets and implementing them in practice, and how companies align the Science Based Targets with their business strategies goal-setting process.

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CAFTA-DR 10 Year Anniversary: Cleaner Production in Private Sector
nullWEC Latin America held the roundtable "Integrating Cleaner Production practices for Talent Improvement and Competitiveness of the Private Sector" in San Salvador, El Salvador on Friday, July 8th, under the framework of the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of CAFTA-DR. Panelists from academia, private sector, bank and student provided their thoughts on how integrating sustainability practices can affect positively to national sectors. Discussions included experiences of advancing on environmental performance by local companies and how that improved their efficiency, while committing with government regulations. From the student and academic perspective, creating partnerships with private sector provides the opportunity for future professionals to gain experience at companies facilities, while SMEs learn from that exchange and can contract young professionals with greater skills. This event was held in coordination and support of the Ministry of Environment of El Salvador and the OES office of the US Department of State.
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