Managing for Business and Societal Impacts: An Outcome Based Approach to Corporate Strategy and Goal Setting
 WEC ERB Institute Roundtable Picture 1
The Roundtable, held on Nov 30-Dec 1, 2017 in Washington D.C., was organized and supported by The Dow Chemical Company, The Erb Institute at the University of Michigan and the World Environment Center. The Roundtable provided a highly interactive, peer-to-peer discussion among 40 senior level thought leaders and executives from academia, business, government and non-government organizations. The agenda for the event can be found here and the summary of the event is linked here
WEC Europe & the Institute for Sustainability Awarded a Major Grant to Advance Corporate Sustainability Management in Latin America


It's with great pleasure to announce WEC and the Institute for Sustainability have been awarded by the German Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) to advance corporate sustainability Management in Latin America. This competitively awarded grant funds an initiative called “Advancing Sustainability Management in Latin America” and will consist of 4 workshops in Chile and Mexico through November 2018.  The workshops will focus on how Latin American companies can learn from German sustainability management practices and those of other global companies to create greater business and sustainability value.  WEC Europe, based in Munich, partnered with The Institute for Sustainability (Berlin) to submit a proposal and will work with local partners APLE (Chile) and CESPEDES (Mexico). For more information in English,  Español, and Deutsch here is and a link to November 9th press release.

Noted business author Alice Korngold and WEC released a major new report on The Nonprofit Board Leadership Study


On Nov 2, 2017 noted author Alice Korngold released a new study that examined the leadership development value for business people serving on nonprofit boards. Korngold explains that “the findings show that nonprofit board service is a pathway for companies seeking to advance diversity and inclusion, develop human capital for innovation, and foster economic development and help achieve the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals." 

Korngold’s study results are based on nearly 1,000 employee surveys, in addition to personal interviews. Korngold also drew on her 30 years of experience in training and placing several hundred business people on nonprofit boards, and consulting to hundreds of nonprofit boards—global, national, and regional.

Korngold’s study was sponsored  by American Express, Dow Chemical, HP, Johnson Controls, PIMCO, and Symantec. WEC was proud to support the study as well. Here is a link to the results from the study.