WEC Executive Roundtable “Advancing Climate Justice” Summary

The confluence of the climate crisis with urgent demands for social justice has elevated the principle of climate justice to the center of public debate around climate action by governments and the private sector. Advocates for decarbonization, sustainable development, and human rights agree that a just transition to a low-carbon future is essential so that its benefits and burdens are shared equitably. What is climate justice and how should business respond to the obligations and opportunities that a just transition will create?

The World Environment Center, in collaboration with Dow and Ecolab, convened a two-day Executive Roundtable to help WEC members and other global companies develop effective policies and practices to put justice at the center of their climate strategies. Twenty-five leaders from business and NGOs participated in the roundtable . The report below is a summary of its key insights.

Note:  WEC Executive Roundtables are conducted under the Chatham House Rule.